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We would like to complete our lifetime dream. Our goal ist o travel the world in our customized offroad-vehicle. We would like to get to know new cultures and experience countries far away of typically known tourist routes, we would like to learn from the different people we’ll meet and broaden our minds by the new perspectives and opportunities we’ll gain. Our plans do not only comprise the travelling: We also intend to work in various fields of work in order to give proof of our capabilities and to enlarge our state of knowledge. We’re looking especially forward to completing this journey safe and sound – and on our own.

Low budget travelling with your personal vehicle – is this realistic?

Well, we’re two rather young, employed people with an ordinary salary. But: a customized offroad-mobile home and other required equipment are pretty expensive. After quite a long time of thinking it over and over again, we decided to go for the „do it yourself“-type and bought an old VW LT 40 4x4 that we rebuilt single-handedly as well as with the help of good friends and also sponsors.  find some more information about the vehicle and the state of reconstruction.

Furthermore, we would like to show everyone that it is possible to complete every dream – if you only work hard enough and believe in yourself!

Despite all zest for action and our own initiative: we need support!

The basic costs for the purchase oft he VW, its reconstruction and running cost during the journey might be covered by savings and by „work and travel“. But in order to be able to travel self-sustainingly over a certain period, we need to equip our mobile home respectively. In this connection, we count on the help of sponsors. More details about our sponsors and their support here.

All or nothing!

In prepraration for our trip, we got the paragliding and the diver’s license – and we even took the driving test for trucks. Besides, we also plan to upgrade our multimedia equipment, as for example a small pa stereo for relaxed beach-parties or a data projector for exceptionnel movie screening. Last but not least our basic equipment that should include diving, paragliding, biking and hiking equipage. At this point, many thanks to all our sponsors and donors whose support is absolutely indispensable for this project.

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