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Our project „Travel to Wonderland“ is financed from our savings and our sponsor’s support.

This sponsoring has also multiple faces: friends helping to overcome administrative barriers or providing technical support or family members that contribute donations and more...

"Many thanks to all our sponsors whose support has been of value for the realisation of this project!"

Our current sponsors:

The DENQBAR company provides us with an inverter-current generator during our journey. This generator will enable us to organize not only various events as for example beach parties, it will also guarantee our power supply when travelling through outlying territories. After the journey, the generator is meant to be donated or auctioned for good cause.

INVERS Mediendesign is our reliable partner when it comes to the design of our vehicle and the realisation of advertising tactics from other (potential) sponsors.

Jürgens Bike Shop provides us with two customized mountain bikes for our journey around the world. Thanks ts technical know-how and many years of experience in this field, we are looking forward to two bikes of outstanding quality. This kind of support not only ensures a second mean of transportation, but also enables us to enter areas far from accessible roads.

Auto-Service-Mayer provides us with professional technical support – before and during our journey.

We’re always striving for new sponsors and supporters of our project. Of course, there ist he possibility to offer services in return such as: advertising on our vehicle or naming your company in our social media posts. We’re also amenable to your suggestions!

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